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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide

About agents (Alert only)

Turning your query into an agent

You can create a new agent from your query at any time, by clicking on the create agent button.

This will take you to the personal agents screen, which will be set up with your current search. You can alter any part of the search at this time, and then save it as an agent.

Using Agents

An agent is a pre-configured query which is used to check for interesting new items when they arrive in the system. It can be run again manually to find new items which have arrived since it was last checked, and it can be asked to send an e-mail message (an alert) to a specified e-mail address whenever new items arrive. Agents are particularly useful when you regularly search for the same information (for example, about a specific company).

You can create agents either from scratch by using the agent hq page, or from a query that you have run (you can click on the create agent button in the search screen).