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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide


To run Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery, you will need a Web browser. The supported browsers are:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer - versions 3 and 4
- Netscape - versions 3 and 4

You will receive additional functionality if you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

To enter the system, point your Web browser at the URL of the system's start screen on a machine running Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery. Ask your system administrator for this URL if you do not already have it. Your system administrator may have already set up a Web page with a URL link to this screen.

If you are using Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery on indexes which do not use the agents feature, you can skip the rest of this section. You will not need to create a new account or go through a log in screen before you can search an index (your system administrator should have created a link to the search screen in a page on your Web site).