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Add user screen

Use this screen to add a new user to the database and enter their most basic details (administrators only).

User name

Type in a nickname or short name for the user; this will be used to identify them in the system. It is possible that the name you choose will already be taken by a different person - in which case you should pick a new name and try again. This is not case sensitive.

Full name

Type in the user's full name (forename and surname).

Email address

Type in the user's e-mail address, which will be used for sending alerts when new items arrive.
If you do not fill in the e-mail address, the user will not be able to receive alerts (messages telling them about relevant new items) from the system.

Choice of password

Type in a password, which the user will need to know for future logins. This will not be displayed as you type it. Instead, a '*' (asterisk) will be printed for each character.

The password again

Type in exactly the same password again, to confirm its spelling.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive. Users must always type the password in the same case, or the system will not recognise them. For example, 'Eddie' is not the same as 'eddie' or 'EDDIE'.

Register button

Click on this button to save the settings and create the new user. This will return you to the administration centre screen.