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Create an agent screen

This screen allows you to set up a new agent. It has the following controls:

Agent name

Type in a short name which uniquely identifies the agent.

Your agent will look for information on

Use this multi-line text box to enter search words associated with your agent. Type in a set of words, including any Boolean queries, that you wish to use as the search parameters.
You can use the same wording and syntax here as you would use for a query in the search screen.

Find information in

You can use this selection list to choose a language. Items returned by the search will be primarily in the language you choose here, if your system administrator has enabled automatic language detection. In the event that Dialog Alert can't recognise the primary language of a document, it will use the default language that has been set by your system administrator.

sort the results by

This control, comprised of 3 radio buttons, allows you to choose how the results of your query are to be displayed when a search is performed.
The default setting sorts by relevance. This means that items will be ordered primarily by their percentage score. Items which have the same score are then ordered by word proximity - in other words, an item which contains search words close to each other will be ranked more highly than one which contains the same words, but not close to each other. This is optional.
Alternatively, you could choose to sort by relevance then date, in which case items with the same score will be presented in reverse chronological order; in other words, the most recent comes first. (The date used is the date when the item was written.)
Also, you can sort by date then relevance, where items are listed in reverse chronological order, with items written on the same day presented in order of relevance (in other words, the highest percentage score comes first).

Include documents at least X % relevant

Select a percentage from this drop-down selection list to specify a relevance threshold.
New items must be deemed to have a relevance greater than this score in order to send an alert about them.
As a guide, this score should be high (such as 75%) if you expect a large number of words in your search to exist in documents you are interested in, and lower (such as 10%) when you expect only a few of the words in your search to exist in documents you are interested in.

Alert me to new results by email

Check this check box to specify whether or not to send an e-mail message (an alert) when new items come into the system and are found by the agent. You can also specify an e-mail address to send such alerts to, by using the text input box to the right of this check box. If you do not specify an e-mail address, your own e-mail address (as set in your options, or when your account was created) will be used. If you leave this text box blank, the e-mail address set in your options will not be used.

Include results per mail

Use this selection list to choose a maximum number of new results mentioned in an e-mail alert (if you are using e-mail alerts).