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Edit a group agent screen

This screen opens with a view which shows a list of all group agents created for this index (administrators only). Click on the name of the group agent that you wish to edit.
This will change the view, to display the current settings of the agent. You can proceed to change the agent's settings, using the following controls:

Your agent will look for information on

Use this text box to edit the words used in the query. Refer to the on-line user manual for details about entering queries.

Find information in

Use this drop-down selection list (if it appears here) to select the primary language of the documents that you wish to be returned by the agent.

Sort the results by

Select the appropriate radio button to specify the order in which documents will be listed when they are returned by a search.
You have a choice of 3 types of sorting:

Include items at least X % relevant

Use this drop-down selection list to specify the percentage relevance required to be alerted about a new article. Only those items deemed to have a higher relevance rating than the one you have chosen will be included.

Delete button

Click on this button if you wish to remove the agent from the database. Be aware that this may affect other users of the agent you have deleted.

Update button

Click on this button to accept your new settings and return to the administration centre screen.