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Thesaurus screen

This screen can be used to find alternative words and phrases that may be similar to, or related to, the words you have already specified in the query. The following controls are available in this screen:

Text box

Use this text box to type in the word or phrase that you will look up with the thesaurus.

Reset button

Click this button to remove any changes or thesaurus-generated terms that you have added in this thesaurus session. Any thesaurus-generated terms that were in the query string when you started the thesaurus session will be left intact.

Look up button

Click this button to activate the thesaurus lookup on the terms and phrases you have entered in the text box.

The thesaurus will generate a list of alternate terms and phrases that you can look at.

Query string text box

This text box displays the terms and phrases in the current query string, including any that have been chosen from the thesaurus. Thesaurus terms included in this text box are distinguished by being enclosed in square brackets.

Okay button

Click this button to return to the edit search screen. This will exit from the thesaurus, and take you back to a fresh edit search screen.