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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide

Editing a group agent (Alert only)

You can edit some details of a group agent by clicking on the edit button next to its name in the agent hq screen. This will take you to the edit an agent screen (sample illustration below).

This screen enables you to change the way in which you are alerted to new items of interest, but does not allow you to change what the agent searches for. Only the administrator can modify the search for a group agent.

Specifically, you can change:

Include items at least X % relevant - You can specify the percentage relevance required to be alerted about a new article.

alert me to new results by e-mail - You can specify whether or not you wish to receive e-mail alerts from this agent. You can override the default address to which mail is sent by checking the check box and filling in the text box - otherwise your standard e-mail address will be used (see the options screen). This option will only appear if your administrator has enabled e-mail alerting.

include results per mail - If you are using e-mail alerts, use this selection list to choose a maximum number of new results mentioned in an e-mail alert. This option will only appear if your administrator has enabled e-mail alerting.

When you have made the appropriate changes, click on the update button to accept your settings.

If you wish to cancel your changes and return to the agent hq screen, click the cancel button.

If you wish to remove this group agent from use, click on the delete button. This will not actually delete the group agent - it will merely become available again for selection from the group agents screen.