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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide

Finding similar documents

Beside each item in the results list is a check box. These boxes are initially unchecked:

Check the boxes by the side of items you are interested in, and click on the Improve button. The search will be automatically modified to return more items similar to those you have checked.

Top Terms allows you to choose words that Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery has identified as being important to your query. After you have performed an initial search, a short list of words (shown in their stemmed form) is presented on the left-hand side of the search results screen:

Select the words that you feel are most relevant to your interests, and click on the search button.

Note that you can increase the power of the Top Terms feature by using it in conjunction with the Improve feature.
Each time you click on the Improve button, the list of words in the Top Terms box (example shown above) will change.