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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide

Glossary of terms

This is a list of useful terms used in Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery.


A previously configured query which is used to check new document items for relevance when they arrive in the system. If the items are sufficiently relevant, the user can be e-mailed with a summary of each item.


A message generated by an agent, sent to a user to inform him/her about new items of interest which have arrived.


A method of specifying a search involving the use of logical operators (AND, OR, NOT), creating a structured logical framework to find items matching the conditions of the query.

Group Agent

An agent which is set up by the system administrator, and which users can subscribe to.


Improve automatically adds into the query the words most likely to improve the quality of the results.

Document filter

This feature of Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery allows you to index many other third party document formats, including MS Word, MS Excel, Oracle and Adobe Acrobat.

Personal Agent

A standard agent, which is set up by a user.


Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery ranks items based on the probability that they are relevant to the user - this is called probabilistic ranking.


The distance between query terms in a document item can also affect the document's position in the results - this is called the proximity of the terms.


The relevance of a document represents how closely it reflects the concept about which the user is trying to retrieve information.


Stemming is the process of reducing all cases and forms of a word to a single root form. This means that plurals of words and different cases of regular verbs are all treated like the root word - for example, if the user enters 'computer', Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery will find documents that contain 'computing' as well.


Uniform Resource Locator. This is another name for a Web address.

Word frequency

The number of times a word occurs within a document is taken into account when ranking results.