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Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery User Guide

Using the thesaurus

If your system administrator has enabled the Thesaurus feature, you will see a thesaurus button. To use the thesaurus, click on the thesaurus button.

This displays a screen similar to the following:

To look up alternative terms for inclusion in the query, type a word in the text box at the top. If, at any time, you wish to undo a word you have just typed in, you can click the reset button. Click on the look up button, to look up the alternative words. This displays the term meanings in a list:

To select a term meaning for inclusion in the query, check the check box alongside it. Only those terms that are indexed in the Dialog Alert/Dialog Discovery database will have check boxes alongside them; other terms may be listed in the thesaurus screen, but may not be indexed.

All words selected by means of the thesaurus are inserted in the query text box enclosed within square brackets, to distinguish them from other search terms. The terms you have selected are displayed in the text box at the bottom of the thesaurus screen.

If you wish to look in more detail at a term displayed by the thesaurus, you can: (a) Click on the view documents graphic ( ) which appears alongside some of the alternative terms. This will open a page displaying a list of all the documents that are indexed with the chosen term. You may click on any of the documents to open them.


(b) Click on the hypertext link, which will take you either to a page containing a definition, or to a page with further links. When you have finished selecting terms from the thesaurus, click the okay button to proceed. This will return you to the search screen, and will perform a search with the new terms you have just added to the query string.