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Muscat empower User Guide


To run Muscat empower, you will need a Web browser. The supported browsers are:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer - versions 3 and 4
- Netscape - versions 3 and 4

You will receive additional functionality if you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

To enter the system, point your Web browser at the URL of the system's start screen on a machine running the Muscat empower software. Ask your system administrator for this URL if you do not already have it. Your system administrator may have already set up a Web page with a URL link to this screen.

If you are using Muscat empower on indexes which do not use the agents feature, you can skip the rest of this section. You will not need to create a new account or go through a log in screen before you can search an index (your system administrator should have created a link to the search screen in a page on your Web site).