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Muscat empower User Guide

Changing your options

To change the options associated with your account, go to the options screen by clicking on the options button in the left-hand group of buttons.

The options screen contains a set of input boxes, which contain your current options, and which you can use to set new options.

The options you can set on this screen are as follows:

full name - You can change the full name by which you are known in the system.

email - You can change the default e-mail address to which your personal alerts will be sent.

alerts enabled - You can specify whether or not you wish alerts to be sent to you when new items are received matching one of your profiles.

the number of results displayed per page - You can specify how many items you wish to be displayed on each page of a hit list, or in an e-mail alert.

The following illustration shows these controls:

If you wish to commit the changes you have made, click on the update button.

Alternatively, you can leave this screen by clicking on one of the other green buttons in the left-hand group (shown below), and your options will be left unchanged, or you can click on the options button to reset the screen to its initial values.