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Muscat empower User Guide

New results - checking your agents

You can see whether new items have been found by your agents, by looking at the left-hand side of the agent hq screen. If new items have been found, a list of new results will be displayed against each agent. If no new items have been found by an agent, the text no new results will be displayed.

This page displays a list of all the agents you have, both personal and group, ordered by the number of new results (personal agents shown first) - the highest number of new items found is at the top of the list. Each agent is represented by a link, which will take you to a search results screen containing the items found by the agent since it was last reset.

For each agent in the list on the agent hq screen, the number of new items that the agent has found is displayed, along with a reset button which you should click on to reset the agent when you are up to date with the items that each agent has found.

If you click on the 'X new items' link, empower will display a list of only the new documents found by the agent. If you click on the name of the agent itself, empower will display a complete list of all documents found by the agent (including the new ones).

When you first set up or use an agent, there may be a message alongside the agent's name stating that new items have been found. This is because the agent has performed a search immediately after creation.