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given on


Tuesday 29 March 2011


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Protection of Freedoms Bill Committee




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Protection of Freedoms Bill


Steve Baker




Clause  9,  page  8,  line  5,  at end insert—



subject to an order by a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts).’.


Steve Baker




Clause  10,  page  8,  line  16,  at end insert ‘and must in any event be destroyed within


one year from the date it was taken.’.


Steve Baker




Clause  10,  page  8,  leave out lines 17 to 25 and add—


‘( )    

Material which relates to a person who is convicted of a recordable offence may


be retained indefinitely.’.


Steve Baker




Schedule  1,  page  92,  line  19,  leave out from ‘(2))’ to end of line 21.


Steve Baker




Schedule  1,  page  94,  line  30,  at end add—



subject to an order by a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts)’.


Steve Baker




Clause  24,  page  15,  leave out from line 23 to line 2 on page 16 and add—


Notices of Amendments: 29 March 2011                  



Protection of Freedoms Bill, continued



  The Secretary of State



The Secretary of State will oversee the operation of the National DNA Database.



The Secretary of State must issue guidance about the destruction of DNA profiles


which are, or may be retained under this Part of this Act.



A chief officer of a police force in England and Wales must act in accordance


with guidance issued under this section.



The Secretary of State must make an annual report about the exercise of his


functions with regards to this Act, and lay a copy of the published report before




Steve Baker




Clause  25,  page  17,  line  6,  at end add—



Public scrutiny of biometric information


At any time, any person can—



request a facsimile from the Secretary of State of any biometric data kept


of himself,



apply for an order by a District Judge (Magistrates’ Court) to have the


data removed from the database if its continued retention would be illegal


under the Act.’.


Steve Baker




Clause  26,  page  17,  line  30,  leave out subsection (6) and add—



The relevant authority must ensure—



that reasonable alternative means are available by which the child may


do, or be subject to, anything which the child would have been able to do,


or be subject to, had the child’s biometric information been processed;



that enrolment at the school is not conditional upon consent;



that parents are informed by the school about—



the purpose for which the biometric data will be used,



who has access to the biometric data,



how secure the data are, and



how long biometric data will be kept; and



that no data are ever transmitted to third parties.’.



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