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given on


Friday 10 June 2011


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1641-46, 1647-49, 1663 and 2279-80


Consideration of Bill


Scotland Bill, As Amended


Composition of Scottish Parliament


Mr Brian H. Donohoe




To move the following Clause:—


‘In Schedule 1 to the Scotland Act 1998, as substituted by Schedule 1 to the


Scottish Parliament (Constituencies) Act 2004—



for paragraph 1 there is substituted—



The constituencies for the purposes of this Act are—



the Orkney Islands,



the Shetland Islands, and



the parliamentary constituencies in Scotland, except a


parliamentary constituency including either of those





For paragraph 2 there is substituted—



The regions for the purposes of this Act shall be the European


Parliamentary constituencies; and five regional members shall


be returned for each region.”.



Paragraphs 3 to 14 are omitted.’.



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