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Wednesday 4 May 2011


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Education Bill, As Amended


Enrichment activities for fifth key stage


Nic Dakin




To move the following Clause:—



EA 2002 is amended as follows.



After section 85A insert—



Enrichment activities for the fifth key stage



A pupil in the fifth key stage is also entitled to guidance, tutorials and


enrichment activities which may include—



learning aims that lead to external qualifications or external


certificates of attainment not approved by the Secretary of State;



careers guidance;






music, dance and drama;



industry-related programmes, including vendor-certificated


courses such as those offered by IT companies;



health education;



use of learning resource centres;



activities that support learners to access a progression


opportunity and/or employment;






The Secretary of State shall take into account the entitlements in


subsection (1) when determining funding for the fifth key stage.”.’.



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