Education Bill (HC Bill 180)

Education BillPage 120


5 A transfer by virtue of a staff transfer scheme or a property transfer scheme

does not affect the validity of anything done by or in relation to the YPLA

before the transfer takes effect.

5Supplementary provision etc.

6 A staff transfer scheme or a property transfer scheme may include

supplementary, incidental, transitional and consequential provision.


7 In this Schedule—

  • 10“designated”, in relation to a staff transfer scheme or a property transfer

    scheme, means specified in, or determined in accordance with, the


  • “permitted transferee” means a person specified in an order made by

    the Secretary of State;

  • 15“the YPLA” means the Young People’s Learning Agency for England.

Section 65

SCHEDULE 18 The apprenticeship offer: consequential amendments

1 ASCLA 2009 is amended as follows.

2 In section 27(1) (contents of specification of apprenticeship standards for


(a) after paragraph (a) insert “and”;

(b) omit paragraph (c) and the “and” immediately before it.

3 In section 36(5) (power to apply provisions with modifications in application

to Crown servants etc), omit “, or any of sections 91 to 99,”.

4 25In section 82(5) (meaning of Chief Executive’s “apprenticeship functions”),

omit paragraph (d).

5 In section 83, for the heading substitute “Power to secure provision of

apprenticeship training”.

6 In section 84(1) (arrangements with local authorities), after “section 83”

30insert “or 83A”.

7 In section 85 (encouragement of training provision etc for persons within

section 83)—

(a) in subsection (1)(a), after “section 83(1)(a) or (b)” insert “or 83A(4), (5)

or (6)”;

(b) 35in the heading, after “section 83” insert “or 83A”.

8 In section 86 (education and training for persons aged 19 or over or subject

to adult detention), in subsection (2), after “that section” insert “83A or”.

9 Sections 91 to 99 (functions of the Chief Executive of Skills Funding: the

apprenticeship offer) are repealed.

Education BillPage 121

10 In section 100(1) (power of Chief Executive to secure provision of financial

resources), omit paragraph (i).

11 Section 104 (assistance and support in relation to apprenticeship places) is


12 5In section 105 (promoting progression from level 2 to level 3

apprenticeships), for subsection (5) substitute—

(5) In this section “apprenticeship certificate” means an apprenticeship

certificate issued under section 3 or 4.

(6) A reference in this section to an apprenticeship certificate at any level

10includes a reference to a certificate or other evidence (including a

certificate awarded or evidence provided by a person outside

England) which appears to the Chief Executive to be evidence of

experience and attainment at a comparable or higher level..

13 In section 121(3) (interpretation of Part 4: training within the Chief

15Executive’s remit), after paragraph (a) insert—

(aa) training falling within section 83A(1),.

14 (1) Section 262 (orders and regulations) is amended as follows.

(2) After subsection (3) insert—

(3A) An order under section 83A(12) may amend, repeal or revoke any

20provision of, or in an instrument made under, this or any other Act..

(3) Omit subsection (4).

(4) In subsection (6) (orders and regulations subject to affirmative resolution)—

(a) before paragraph (b) insert—

(ab) an order under section 83A(12);;

(b) 25omit paragraph (c).

15 In section 269 (commencement), omit subsection (5).