Education Bill (HC Bill 180)

(d) after subsection (10) insert—

(11) A direction under this section must be in writing.;

(e) 15for the heading, substitute “Power of Secretary of State to direct local

authority to give performance standards and safety warning notice”.

44 Complaints: repeal of power to complain to Local Commissioner

(1) Sections 206 to 224 of ASCLA 2009 (complaints against schools in England) are


(2) 20In consequence of subsection (1)—

(a) in section 409 of EA 1996 (complaints and enforcement: maintained


(i) in subsection (1), after “authority” insert “in Wales” and after

“schools” insert “in Wales”;

(ii) 25in subsection (4), for “Secretary of State” substitute “Welsh


(iii) in the heading, after “schools” insert “in Wales”;

(b) in section 496 of EA 1996 (power of Secretary of State to prevent

unreasonable exercise of functions), omit subsections (3) and (4);

(c) 30in section 497 of EA 1996 (Secretary of State’s general default powers),

omit subsections (4) and (5);

(d) in paragraph 6 of Schedule 1 (pupil referral units: complaints)—

(i) in sub-paragraph (3), after “local authority” insert “in Wales”

and after “unit” insert “in Wales”;

(ii) 35in sub-paragraph (4), for “Secretary of State” substitute “Welsh

Ministers”, after “any local authority” and “a local authority”

insert “in Wales”, and after “pupil referral unit” insert “in


(e) in paragraph 1 of Schedule 4 of the Local Government Act 1974

40(disqualifications from acting as Local Commissioner or investigating

complaint), omit sub-paragraphs (2C) and (2D);

(f) in section 262(6) of ASCLA 2009 (statutory instruments subject to

affirmative procedure), omit paragraph (f);

(g) in Schedule 16 to ASCLA 2009 (repeals and revocations), omit Part 7


(h) section 22 of CSFA 2010 (amendments of sections 207 and 216 of

ASCLA 2009) is repealed.