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House of Commons


Thursday 15 September 2011


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Public Bodies Bill [Lords]




Schedule 1, as amended, agreed to.


Clause 2 Agreed to.



Mr Nick Hurd


Agreed to  6


Schedule  2,  page  20,  leave out lines 18 to 20.


Schedule, as amended, Agreed to.



Mr Mark Williams


Hywel Williams


Withdrawn  55


Clause  3,  page  2,  line  34,  at end insert—



No order shall be made under this section which will or may compromise the


editorial or operational independence of Sianel Pedwar Cymru.’.


Clause Agreed to.



Mr Nick Hurd


Agreed to  7


Schedule  3,  page  20,  line  26,  leave out ‘Civil Justice Counc il.’.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Jon Trickett


Negatived on division  49


Schedule  3,  page  20,  line  27,  leave out ‘Commission for Equality and Human


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 15 September 2011      



Public Bodies Bill-[ [], continued




Susan Elan Jones


Hywel Williams


Mr Mark Williams


Negatived on division  38


Schedule  3,  page  21,  line  11,  leave out ‘Sianel Pedwar Cymru (“S4C”)’.


Schedule, as amended, Agreed to.



Mr Nick Hurd


Agreed to  8


Clause  4,  page  2,  line  37,  at end insert—


‘( )    

The consent of the Treasury is required to make an order under this section.’.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 11 October at 10.30 am


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