Protection of Freedoms Bill (HC Bill 189)

(b) in sub-paragraph (b)—

(i) after “paragraph” insert “2,”,

(ii) 15after “5,” insert “8,”, and

(iii) for “that Schedule” substitute “Schedule 1”, and

(c) in sub-paragraph (c) for “or 18” substitute “, 18 or 18A”.

70 In Article 9(4) (regulated activity), omit sub-paragraphs (c) and (e).

71 In Article 10(8) (regulated activity providers)—

(a) 20omit sub-paragraphs (a) and (c), and

(b) in sub-paragraph (d)—

(i) for “sub-paragraph (a) or (c) of Article 3(10)” substitute

“paragraph 7(3E)(a) or (c) of Schedule 2”, and

(ii) for “mentioned in that paragraph” substitute “exercisable by

25virtue of that position”.

72 In Article 11(5) (barred person not to engage in regulated activity) omit sub-

paragraphs (b) and (c).

73 Omit Article 12 (person not to engage in regulated activity unless subject to


74 30In Article 13(5) (use of barred person for regulated activity) omit sub-

paragraphs (b) and (c).

75 Omit Article 14 (use of person not subject to monitoring for regulated


76 Omit Article 15 and Schedule 3 (regulated activity provider: failure to


77 Omit Article 16 and Schedule 4 (personnel suppliers: failure to check).

78 Omit Article 17 (educational establishments: check on members of

governing body).

79 Omit Article 18 (office holders: offences).

80 40Omit Article 19 (Articles 17 and 18: checks).

81 Omit Article 20 (exception to requirement to make monitoring check).