Welfare Reform Bill (HC Bill 197)

(d) in the case of the previous disqualifying event mentioned in

35subsection (6A)(a), that provision is satisfied if any of the

convictions take place in the five year period mentioned there.

(11) After subsection (10) there is inserted—

(10A) The Secretary of State may by order amend subsection (6A) to

substitute different periods for those for the time being specified there.

(10B) 40An order under subsection (10A) may provide for different periods to

apply according to the type of earlier disqualifying event or events

occurring in any case.

(12) In section 11 (loss of benefit regulations), in subsection (3), after paragraph (e)

(as inserted by section 114 above) there is inserted—

(f) 45an order under section 7(10A),.