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Report Stage Proceedings: 13 June 2011                  



Welfare Reform Bill, continued


Mr Liam Byrne


Stephen Timms


Ms Karen Buck


Margaret Curran


Not called  32


Page  52,  line  19  [Clause  68],  at end add—



After subsection (7) insert—



In relation to a dwelling of which the landlord is a local housing authority


or a registered provider of social housing, regulations under this section


shall not permit the AMHB to be less than the actual amount of the


liability in a case where a person has provided the relevant authority with


such certificates, documents, information or evidence as are sufficient to


satisfy the authority that the person is disabled and is living in a property


specially adapted or particularly suited to meet the needs of that




Jenny Willott


Ian Swales


Mr Alan Reid


Not selected  71


Page  52,  line  19  [Clause  68],  at end insert—



Regulations under subsection (3) are to be made by statutory instrument.



A statutory instrument containing (whether alone or with other provisions) the


first regulations under subsection (3) may not be made unless a draft of the


instrument has been laid before, and approved by resolution of, each House of




Jenny Willott


Ian Swales


Not called  72


Page  52,  line  19  [Clause  68],  at end insert—



The Secretary of State must lay before Parliament a report on the impact of


subsection (3) within 12 months of the coming into force of that subsection.’.


Bill to be further considered tomorrow.

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