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given on


Tuesday 28 June 2011


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Consideration of Bill


Finance (No. 3) Bill, As Amended


Mr Frank Field


Mr David Blunkett


John Mann


Kate Hoey


John McDonnell


Kate Green




Page  1,  line  9  [Clause  1],  at end insert—



All public sector employees whose earned income does not exceed £21,000 shall


be entitled to a £250 reduction in tax liability for the tax year 2011-12.’.


John McDonnell




Page  42,  line  30  [Clause  73],  at end insert—



The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall review the possibility of incorporating a


bank financial transaction tax within the bank levy, levied on trading in financial


products including stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, futures and options


and publish a report within six months of the passing of this Act, on how the


additional revenue raised would be invested to tackle unemployment and reduce


poverty in the United Kingdom and to assist in tackling deprivation in the


developing world.’.



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