Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill (HC Bill 205)

(d) services provided in relation to the enforcement of decisions in the


(2) Regulations may make provision specifying whether proceedings are or are

not to be regarded as preliminary or incidental for the purposes of sub-

20paragraph (1).

6 For the purposes of this Schedule, regulations may make provision about—

(a) when services are provided in relation to a matter;

(b) when matters arise under a particular enactment;

(c) when proceedings are proceedings under a particular enactment.

7 25In this Schedule “enactment” includes—

(a) an enactment contained in subordinate legislation (within the

meaning of the Interpretation Act 1978), and

(b) an enactment contained in, or in an instrument made under, an Act

or Measure of the National Assembly for Wales.

Section 23

30SCHEDULE 2 Criminal legal aid: motor vehicle orders

Amounts payable in connection with criminal legal aid

1 (1) This Schedule makes provision about the recovery of—

(a) an amount payable in connection with the provision of criminal legal

35aid which is unpaid after the time when it is required to be paid

under section 22,

(b) interest in respect of such an amount which is required to be paid

under that section, and

(c) an amount required to be paid under section 23 in respect of costs

40incurred in connection with the enforcement of an obligation to pay

an amount or interest described in paragraph (a) or (b).

(2) Such amounts and interest are referred to in this Schedule as “relevant

overdue amounts”.