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Thursday 30 June 2011


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2441-44, 2445-46 and 2491-92


Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill [Lords], As Amended


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  89,  line  6  [Clause  108],  leave out ‘residential accommodation’ and insert




Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  89,  line  8  [Clause  108],  at end insert ‘in such a way as to ensure that the


energy efficiency of buildings makes its optimal contribution to the delivery of a low


carbon energy system at least cost.’.


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  89,  line  9  [Clause  108],  leave out subsection (2) and insert—


‘( )    

In subsection (1) “energy system” means the production, transmission,


distribution, storage and consumption of energy.’.


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  89,  line  14  [Clause  108],  at end insert—



The Secretary of State must within 12 months of the passing of this Act publish


a report on the steps that he has taken and proposes to take to discharge his duty


under subsection (1).’.



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