Energy Bill (HC Bill 206)

(4) Subsection (5) applies where—

(a) an authorisation has been issued under section 14 of the Petroleum Act

1998 (construction and use of controlled pipelines) for works for the

35construction of a pipeline;

(b) the authorisation contains a term of a kind mentioned in section 15(5)

of that Act; and

(c) the proposed pipeline is to be a relevant upstream petroleum pipeline.

(5) Before serving a notice under section 15(6) of the Petroleum Act 1998 on a

40person other than the holder of the authorisation, the Secretary of State must

give that person an opportunity to make with respect to the proposed


(a) an application of a kind mentioned in subsection (1)(a) of section 81 of

this Act, and

(b) 45if applicable, an application under subsection (4) of that section;