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Tuesday 28 February 2012


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Civil Aviation Bill


Nigel Mills




Clause  83,  page  51,  line  22,  at end insert—



waiting times for users of air transport services at immigration control at


a civil airport.’.


Nigel Mills




Clause  83,  page  51,  line  41,  at end insert—


‘“immigration control” has the same meaning as in Part 6 of the Nationality,


Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.’.


Nigel Mills




Clause  83,  page  51,  line  19,  at end insert ‘, including services and facilities in


relation to immigration control’.


Nigel Mills




Clause  83,  page  51,  line  22,  at end insert—



the time taken for users of air transport services to complete the check-in


and security processes on an outbound journey and the immigration


control and baggage reclaim processes on an inbound journey.’.



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