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Thursday 23 February 2012


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Financial Services Bill




Clause No. 3.


Amendment (No. 9) proposed, in page 3, line 14, to leave out the word ‘4’ and insert


the word ‘6’.—(Chris Leslie).


Question proposed, That the Amendment be made.


Negatived on division


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Mark Durkan


Negatived on division  8


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  24,  after ‘functions’, insert ‘and must have regard to the


desirability of ensuring a broad representation of practitioners and consumers in the UK


financial services sector.’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Mark Durkan


Not called  10


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  27,  at end insert—



allow sufficient time for the Treasury Select Committee to hold


appointment hearings with candidates to be appointed under (1)(e) before


their appointment to the Committee.’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Withdrawn  11


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  28,  leave out ‘procedures’ and insert ‘activities’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Not called  7


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  31,  leave out ‘sub-committee’ and insert ‘committee’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 23 February 2012        



Financial Services Bill, continued


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Mark Durkan


Negatived on division  5


Clause  3,  page  3,  line  34,  after ‘functions’, insert ‘having regard to the


Government’s growth, employment and other economic objectives’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Negatived on division  12


Clause  3,  page  4,  line  3,  at end insert—



In the event of the FPC coming into conflict with the MPC in the exercise of its


objectives, the Governor should inform the Court and the Chancellor to explain


how the conflict will be resolved.’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Withdrawn  13


Clause  3,  page  5,  line  16,  leave out ‘operational’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson


Mark Durkan


Withdrawn  39


Clause  3,  page  6,  line  7,  at end insert—



The Financial Policy Committee may give a direction to the FCA or the PRA


requiring the regulator to exercise its functions so as to ensure the


implementation, by or in relation to a specified class of regulated persons, of a


disclosure of their leverage ratio, as defined in the Basel III agreement, as part of


their regular reporting not later than the beginning of 2013.’.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 28 February at 10.30 am


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