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given on


Tuesday 6 March 2012


Committee of the whole House


Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill


Mary Creagh


Gavin Shuker


Huw Irranca-Davies




Clause  1,  page  2,  line  2,  at end insert—





In exercising the power under subsection (3) the Secretary of State may


make an order containing a scheme for the provision of financial


assistance to customers whom the Secretary of State considers are


disproportionately adversely affected by the water charges with a view to


reducing the impact of those water charges.



The scheme shall—



specify the customers whose charges are covered by the scheme,



set out the basis of the adjustment of the charges, and



specify the duration of the adjustment.



An order shall not be made under this section unless a draft of the


statutory instrument containing it has been laid before, and approved by


a resolution of, each House of Parliament.’.


Mary Creagh


Gavin Shuker


Huw Irranca-Davies




Clause  2,  page  3,  line  5,  at end insert—



No financial assistance may be given under subsection (6) unless the Secretary of


State has laid a draft of a statutory instrument setting out the terms and conditions


including the duration of such assistance before, and such draft has been approved


by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.’.


Notices of Amendments: 6 March 2012                     



Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill, continued


Water company social tariffs


Mary Creagh


Gavin Shuker


Huw Irranca-Davies




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State shall provide in regulations for the introduction of


minimum standards for water company social tariffs, by 1 April 2013.



Regulations made under subsection (1) above shall be made by statutory


instrument and may not be made unless a draft has been laid before, and approved


by resolution of, each House of Parliament.



Ofwat shall publish 12 months after the passing of this Act and every year


thereafter a league table of water companies reporting the performance of the


provision of social tariffs and the number of households spending more than 3 per


cent. and more than 5 per cent. of their disposable income on water bills.’.


Mary Creagh


Gavin Shuker


Huw Irranca-Davies




Clause  2,  page  3,  line  5,  at end insert—



Before making regulations or an order under this section, the Secretary of State


must lay a report before Parliament on her proposals to make apprenticeship


programmes including at a Level 5 and Level 6 standard part of any major works,


as well as an estimate of the number of jobs created and benefit to the local





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