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Tuesday 7 February 2012


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Local Government Finance Bill, As Amended


Determination of central and local shares


Hilary Benn


Helen Jones


Jack Dromey


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Chris Williamson




To move the following Clause:—



In determining the central share and the local share for any relevant authority, the


Secretary of State must have regard to—



the level of need in that authority, and



the likely capacity of the authority to benefit from business rate growth.



Any assessment of the level of need shall include—



the ranking of the local authority in the Index of Multiple Deprivation,



the level of unemployment within the authority’s area,



the proportion of adults within the authority’s area who have a limiting


long-term illness,



the number of adults within the area who are in receipt of social care,



the number of looked-after children within the authority, and



the level of child poverty within the authority’s area.



The Secretary of State must lay his assessment before the House at the same time


as the Local Government Finance Report.’.



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