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Thursday 16 February 2012


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Consideration of Bill


Local Government Finance Bill, As Amended


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  5,  line  17  [Clause  8],  at end insert—



In exercising its powers under subsection (1)(b), each authority must have regard


to the impact of its scheme on the living standards of those persons in its area


who, prior to the introduction of the scheme, were receiving council tax benefit.



In exercising its powers under subsection (1)(b), each authority must have regard


to the impact of its scheme on the living standards of those persons in its area,


below pensionable age, who are in employment or are actively seeking




Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  5,  line  28  [Clause  8],  leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2014’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  5,  line  29  [Clause  8],  leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2014’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  49,  line  7  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



require authorities to have regard to the impact of their scheme on—



the numbers of persons in its area expected to receive a greater


or lesser reduction in council tax than that which they had


been entitled to receive under council tax benefit, and the


amounts by which their entitlement is likely to increase or





the living standards of such persons,



the financial incentive on persons below pensionable age to


seek or maintain employment.’.


Notices of Amendments: 16 February 2012                  



Local Government Finance Bill, continued


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  49,  line  15  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



notify all persons within their area receiving council tax benefit on or


immediately following 1 April 2012, of the implications of the draft


scheme, including the estimated impact of that scheme on their living




Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  49,  line  44  [Schedule  4],  leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2014’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  50,  line  2  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



If the default scheme has the effect of reducing or removing a reduction to which


any class of persons was entitled under council tax benefit, it must include such


transitional provision relating to that reduction or removal as the Secretary of


State, after consultation with representatives of local government, thinks fit.’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  50,  line  2  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



The default scheme must be designed in such a way as to ensure, insofar as can


reasonably be assessed, that no person below pensionable age, in or seeking


employment, shall receive a lesser entitlement to a council tax reduction than that


to which they would have been entitled under council tax benefit.’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  50,  line  5  [Schedule  4],  leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2014’.


Mr Nick Raynsford




Page  50,  line  39  [Schedule  4],  at end insert—



In circumstances where a deficit arises in the billing authority’s collection fund


the authority shall be able to make an application to the Secretary of State for a


payment to cover that deficit.’.



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