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Notices of Amendments: 17 April 2012                  



Financial Services Bill, continued



the publication each year of the market share for mutual societies as a


proportion of the UK financial services sector.’.


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson




Page  14,  line  36  [Clause  4],  at end add—



‘Within a year of commencement of this Act the Bank of England shall publish a


review of the effectiveness of co-ordination by the regulators of the exercise of


their functions relating to membership of, and their relations with, the European


Supervisory Authorities (namely, the European Banking Authority, the European


Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority and the European Securities and


Markets Authority), and their relations with other regulatory bodies outside the


United Kingdom.’.


Stella Creasy


Mr Philip Hollobone


Mark Durkan


Sir Peter Bottomley


Yvonne Fovargue


Caroline Lucas


Neil Parish




Page  80,  line  2  [Clause  22],  at end insert—



The FCA may make rules or apply a sanction to authorised persons who offer


credit on terms that the FCA judge to cause consumer detriment. This may


include rules that determine a maximum total cost for consumers of a product and


determine the maximum duration of a supply of a product or service to an


individual consumer.’.


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