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given on


Wednesday 18 April 2012


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4155-57, 4203-08 and 4227-34


Consideration of Bill


Financial Services Bill, As Amended


Prepayment schemes


Katy Clark


Jessica Morden


Mrs Linda Riordan




To move the following Clause:—



The FPC must carry out and publish a review of the operation of consumer


prepayment schemes to consider whether existing protection for consumers is





The FPC must make recommendations under subsection (1) within one year of


this section coming into force.



Any report produced by the FPC under subsection (1) shall include an analysis of


whether consumers of prepayment schemes should be made preferential creditors


for the purposes of the distribution of the realised assets of the company operating


such schemes in the event of insolvency.’.


Mark Durkan




Page  17,  line  1  [Clause  5],  after ‘transaction’, insert ‘, any common law fiduciary


duties owed by the provider in question’.



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