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given on


Thursday 17 May 2012


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Finance (No. 4) Bill Committee 30-37


Public Bill Committee


Finance Bill


(Except Clauses 1, 4, 8, 189 and 209, Schedules 1, 23 and 33,


and any new Clauses and new Schedules first appearing on the Order Paper not later than


Tuesday 17 April 2012 and relating to value added tax)


David Gauke




Clause  46,  page  28,  line  28,  leave out ‘or’.


David Gauke




Clause  46,  page  28,  line  31,  at end insert—



an initial payment or any other payment made under a relevant


superior lease to the person who is the lessor under that lease by


the person who is the lessee under that lease, or



a payment to the seller of the proceeds of a sale of the plant or


machinery to which subsection (2FC) applies,’.


David Gauke




Clause  46,  page  28,  leave out lines 36 to 38 and insert—



For the purposes of subsection (2FA)—


“payment” includes the provision of any benefit, the assumption of any


liability and any other transfer of money’s worth (and “payable” is to be


construed accordingly);


“relevant superior lease” means any lease of the plant or machinery to which


the long funding lease mentioned in subsection (1)(a) is inferior.


Notices of Amendments: 17 May 2012                     



Finance Bill, continued



This subsection applies to a sale of the plant or machinery if—



a person has entered into a relevant transaction with another person in


respect of the plant or machinery for the purposes of Chapter 17 of this


Part (see section 213) and the sale is within section 213(1)(a),



the plant or machinery is within section 216(1)(b) (sale and lease back),





the conditions in section 227(2) are met.”’.


David Gauke




Schedule  8,  page  275,  line  16,  leave out ‘6 April 2012’ insert ‘the day on which this


Act is passed’.


David Gauke




Schedule  8,  page  275,  line  18,  leave out ‘date’ insert ‘day’.


David Gauke




Schedule  8,  page  275,  line  21,  leave out ‘date’ insert ‘day’.


David Gauke




Schedule  8,  page  275,  line  31,  leave out sub-paragraph (2) and insert—



Those amendment have effect for the purpose of determining whether shares


or securities issued on or after 6 April 2012 are to be regarded as comprised in


a company’s qualifying holdings.’.


Nigel Mills




Clause  20,  page  12,  line  3,  at end add—



The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall review the extent to which intellectual


property created as a result of research and development expenditure which falls


within Part 13 of CTA 2009 is vested in companies whose income is not within


the charge to corporation tax, and place a copy of the report in the House of


Commons Library.’.


Ed Balls


Rachel Reeves


Cathy Jamieson


Catherine McKinnell


Chris Leslie




Clause  10,  page  6,  line  43,  at end insert—



The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall review how the targeted anti-avoidance


measure contained in this section will interact with the proposed General Anti-


Abuse Rule in Finance Bill 2013, and lay a report of his review in the House of


Commons Library.’.


Notices of Amendments: 17 May 2012                     



Finance Bill, continued


Nigel Mills




Clause  42,  page  27,  line  2,  at end add—


  ‘The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall instruct the Office of Tax


Simplification to prepare a report considering whether reforming the


capital allowances regime, including by switching to using accounts


depreciation, would be a more effective method of tackling avoidance.


The report shall be placed in the House of Commons Library.’.



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