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Thursday 21 June 2012


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Finance Bill


(Except Clauses 1, 4, 8, 189 and 209, Schedules 1, 23 and 33,


and any new Clauses and new Schedules first appearing on the Order Paper not later than


Tuesday 17 April 2012 and relating to value added tax)


[Fifteenth and Sixteenth Sittings]


Ed Balls


Rachel Reeves


Catherine McKinnell


Cathy Jamieson


Chris Leslie


Withdrawn  200


Clause  195,  page  112,  line  25,  at end add—



No new Order shall be made under section 30(4) or 31(2) of the Value Added Tax


Act 1994 unless the Chancellor of the Exchequer has reviewed the full impact of


those changes on jobs, living standards and businesses, and placed the review in


the Library of the House of Commons.’.


Clause 195 Agreed to.


Schedule 26 Agreed to.


Clauses 196 to 201 Agreed to.


Schedule 27 Agreed to.


Clause 202 Agreed to.


Schedule 28 Agreed to.


Clauses 203 to 205 Agreed to.



Schedules 29 and 30 Agreed to.


Seema Malhotra


Not called  197


Schedule  31,  page  605,  line  2,  after ‘April’, leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2017’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 21 June 2012            



Finance Bill, continued


Seema Malhotra


Not called  198


Schedule  31,  page  605,  line  4,  after ‘April’, leave out ‘2013’ and insert ‘2017’.


Seema Malhotra


Not called  199


Schedule  31,  page  605,  line  4,  at end add—



The Chancellor of the Exchequer shall conduct a review of the expected impact


on carbon emissions, security of supply and industrial competitiveness of the


removal, in 2017, from combined heat and power plants of the Climate Change


Levy exemption for indirect supplies of electricity and shall, by 31 December


2012, lay a report of his review in the House of Commons Library.’.


Schedule Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 26 June at 10.30 am


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