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Monday 14 May 2012


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4291-4300 (Session 2010-12)


Consideration of Bill


Financial Services Bill, As Amended


Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson




Page  130,  line  38  [Clause  47],  at end insert—



making provision for the increased diversity of the financial services


sector and promotion of mutual societies, including arrangements to


measure the number of members of mutual societies, and the market


share for mutual societies as a proportion of the UK financial services




Chris Leslie


Cathy Jamieson




Page  127,  line  38  [Clause  40],  at end insert—


‘Complaints by small businesses



Small businesses—complaints and proceedings



The Treasury and Secretary of State shall bring forward proposals within three


months of Royal Assent to the Financial Services Act 2012 in the following





to introduce provision for collective proceedings before the court in


respect of financial services claims made on an opt-out basis by small and


medium sized enterprises; and



to introduce provision for complaints by small and medium sized


enterprises to the FCA that a feature, or combination of features, of a


market in the United Kingdom for financial services is, or appears to be,


significantly damaging the interests of small business.’.



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