Session 2012 - 13
Internet Publications
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House of Commons


Notices of Amendments


given on


Thursday 6 September 2012


Consideration of Bill


Defamation Bill, As Amended


John McDonnell




Page  3,  line  5  [Clause  4],  after ‘it’, insert ‘or within or a reasonable amount of time


following initial publication’.


John McDonnell




Page  3,  line  8  [Clause  4],  at end insert ‘within a reasonable amount of time,


allowing for the public and commercial interest in publication.’.


John McDonnell




Page  3,  line  10  [Clause  4],  at end insert—



whether the defendant had made reasonable efforts to abide by the


National Union of Journalists’ Code of Conduct.’.


John McDonnell




Page  3,  line  21  [Clause  4],  at end insert—



In determining public interest, the court shall have regard to whether the


claimant is a person in public life, which should be taken to include (amongst


others) politicians, public officials, celebrities and others whose influence,


earnings or social status is dependent on a public image.’.



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Revised 7 September 2012