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Thursday 29 November 2012


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Growth and Infrastructure Bill Committee 67-77


Public Bill Committee


Growth And Infrastructure Bill


Planning Act 2008 pre-application procedure


John Howell




To move the following Clause:—



The Planning Act 2008 is amended as follows:



After section 54 insert—


“Chapter 4




54A Pre-application procedure: waivers 



An applicant may, at any time before or after making an application,


submit a request in writing to the Secretary of State for a direction that


any provision contained in this Part or in rules or regulations made under


this Part shall not apply (or shall apply in part only) to the application.



A request made under subsection (1) shall give reasons for the request.



Where a request is made under subsection (1) and the Secretary of State


is satisfied that it is impossible, impracticable or unnecessary for the


applicant to comply with any provision contained in this Part or in rules


or regulations made under this Part, the Secretary of State may—



direct that the provision in question shall not apply, or shall apply


in part only, to the application in question; and



whether or not a direction has been given pursuant to paragraph


(a), direct that the applicant shall comply with the provision in


question, or any part of it, at such later date as may be specified


in the direction.”.’.


Notices of Amendments: 29 November 2012                  



Growth And Infrastructure Bill, continued


Planning Act 2008 examination fees


John Howell




To move the following Clause:—



The Planning Act 2008 is amended as follows:



In section 4 (fees), after subsection (3) insert—



The regulations may only require the payment of fees in relation to the


examination of an application with reference to those days during the


examination period when the application was actually examined by the


examining authority.”.’.


Report on performance of Valuation Office Agency in relation to non-domestic rating


Ian Murray


Roberta Blackman-Woods




To move the following Clause:—



Prior to the compilation of a rating list, the Secretary of State must prepare and


publish a report describing the performance of the Valuation Office Agency


(VOA) within the reporting period in relation to non-domestic rating.



The report must set out any recommendation that the Secretary of State believes


the VOA should implement to improve its performance in light of the number of


outstanding appeals regarding business rates.



The Secretary of State must lay a copy of the report before Parliament.



In this section “reporting period” means the period of 12 months beginning with


1 April prior to the date on which a rating list is to be compiled.’.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Ian Murray




Clause  21,  page  25,  leave out line 33.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Ian Murray




Clause  21,  page  25,  leave out line 43.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Ian Murray




Clause  21,  page  26,  line  10,  leave out from ‘project)’ to end of line 11.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Ian Murray




Clause  21,  page  26,  leave out lines 12 and 13 and insert—



In this section, “business or commercial project” means a project which consists


of any of the following—



offices and research and development facilities;


Notices of Amendments: 29 November 2012                  



Growth And Infrastructure Bill, continued



manufacturing and processing proposals;



warehousing, storage and distribution facilities;



conference and exhibition centres;



leisure, tourism and sports and recreation facilities;



extractive industries (mining and quarrying); and



mixed-use developments, including one or more of the above uses but not


retail where it is the main or predominant use or housing except where it


is incidental.



The Secretary of State may by order, subject to consultation—



amend subsection (5) to add a new type of project or vary or remove an


existing type of project;



make further provision, or amend or repeal existing provision, about the


types of project which are, and are not, within subsection (5).



An order under subsection (6)(b) may amend this Act.’.


Roberta Blackman-Woods


Ian Murray




Clause  21,  page  27,  line  37,  at end insert—



In section 105 (decisions in cases where no national policy statement has effect)


after subsection (2)(c) insert—



‘and in the case of a business or commercial development project shall make the


decision in accordance with the relevant local plan’.



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