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Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 27 November 2012        



Growth And Infrastructure Bill, continued


Michael Fallon


Nick Boles


Agreed to  46


Schedule  2,  page  36,  line  15,  at end insert—



After subsection (1) insert—



If no period is prescribed under section 106BA(9), the period of 6


weeks referred to in subsection (1)(b) that applies in relation to


proceedings for failure to give notice as mentioned in subsection (9)


of section 106BA begins with the expiry of the period mentioned in


that subsection that applies in the applicant’s case.”’.


Mr Nick Raynsford


Withdrawn  60


Schedule  2,  page  36,  line  19,  leave out sub-paragraph (4).


Michael Fallon


Nick Boles


Agreed to  47


Schedule  2,  page  36,  line  34,  at end insert—



Section 333 (regulations and orders) is amended as follows.



In subsection (4) (power to make orders under Act exercisable by statutory


instrument), after “87,” insert “106BA(12A),”.



After subsection (5) insert—



No order may be made under section 106BA(12A) unless a draft of the


instrument containing the order has been laid before, and approved by


a resolution of, each House of Parliament.”’.


Michael Fallon


Nick Boles


Agreed to  48


Schedule  2,  page  36,  line  37,  leave out ‘1(1)’ and insert ‘1—



in sub-paragraph (1)’.


Michael Fallon


Nick Boles


Agreed to  49


Schedule  2,  page  36,  line  39,  at end insert ‘, and



after that sub-paragraph insert—



If no classes of appeals under section 106BB are prescribed by


regulations under sub-paragraph (1), all appeals under that


section are to be determined by a person appointed by the


Secretary of State for the purpose instead of by the Secretary


of State.”’.


Schedule, as amended, Agreed to.


Clause 6 Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Thursday at 11.30 am

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