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Tuesday 11 December 2012


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


HGV Road User Levy Bill


[FIFTH Sitting]


Jim Fitzpatrick


Withdrawn  5


Clause  9,  page  6,  line  21,  leave out subsection (4) and insert—



HGV road user levy is to be paid in part into the Consolidated Fund and in part


into a fund to promote road safety, cycling and enforcement.’.


Clause Agreed to.



Jim Fitzpatrick


Withdrawn  6


Clause  10,  page  6,  line  24,  leave out from ‘stop’ to end of line 25.


Clause Agreed to.



Jim Fitzpatrick


Not called  7


Clause  11,  page  6,  line  40,  leave out subsection (3) and insert—



A fine imposed under this section is to be paid into an enforcement fund.’.


Clause Agreed to.


Clause 12 Agreed to.


Schedule 2 Agreed to.


Clauses 13 to 16 Agreed to.



Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 11 December 2012        



HGV Road User Levy Bill, continued


Jim Fitzpatrick


Not moved  8


Clause  17,  page  8,  line  30,  leave out paragraph 2(b).


Clause Agreed to.


Clauses 18 to 22 Agreed to.


Bill to be reported, without amendment.



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