Representation of the People (Members\xd5 Job Share) Bill (HC Bill 91)




Enable representation of a constituency by two persons sharing membership
of the House of Commons; and for connected purposes.

Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and
consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present
Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Sharing arrangements

(1) In subsection (1) of section 1 of the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 (“the
1986 Act”), for the words “each returning a single member” substitute “each
returning a member”.

(2) 5After subsection (2) of that section insert—

(3) The reference in subsection (1) to a member is to—

(a) a single member, or

(b) two persons serving as members pursuant to a sharing

10and a reference in any enactment to a member of Parliament is to be
read accordingly.

(4) For the purposes of subsection (3)(b), a sharing arrangement is an
arrangement under which two individuals—

(a) present themselves jointly for election to Parliament on the
15basis that if elected, they will share the representation of the
constituency between them, and

(b) if elected, serve in Parliament on that basis.

(3) So far as it is possible to do so, any enactment relating to Parliamentary
elections, proceedings in Parliament, or the functions and privileges of
20Members of Parliament is to be read and given effect so as to be compatible
with a sharing arrangement (within the meaning of the provisions inserted by
subsection (2)).

(4) The Speaker of the House of Commons may make a written request to the
Government to make such provision, described in the request, as the Speaker

Representation of the People (Members\xd5 Job Share) BillPage 2

considers appropriate to give further effect to sharing arrangements (within
the meaning of the provisions inserted by subsection (2)).

(5) As soon as practicable following receipt of a request under subsection (4), the
Government shall lay before the House of Commons a draft of an Order in
5Council containing such provisions as the Government considers appropriate
to give effect to the request.

(6) An Order in Council under this section may include provision amending, or
applying with modifications, an enactment of a kind mentioned in subsection

(7) 10No recommendation is to be made to Her Majesty in Council to make an Order
in Council under this section unless a draft of the statutory instrument
containing the Order in Council has been laid before, and approved by
resolution of, the House of Commons.

(8) Subject to any contrary provision contained in standing orders of the House of
15Commons for the time being in force, in any vote in that House—

(a) each of the two members for a constituency pursuant to a sharing
arrangement may cast a half-vote, but

(b) where they so agree, and have informed the person presiding during
the vote of that agreement, one of them may cast a single vote on behalf
20of both.

2 Death or disqualification of Members serving pursuant to a sharing

If either Member in a sharing arrangement dies or becomes disqualified from
membership of the House of Commons, both shall be treated as having ceased
25to be Members.

3 Short title, commencement and extent

(1) This Act may be cited as the Representation of the People (Members’ Job Share)
Act 2012.

(2) This Act comes into force at the end of the period of one month beginning with
30the day on which it is passed.

(3) This Act extends to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.