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Wednesday 28 November 2012


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Consideration of Bill


Public Service Pensions Bill, As Amended


Railways Pension Scheme Crown Guarantee


John McDonnell


Mr David Anderson




To move the following Clause:—



The Railways Act 1993 is amended as follows:



In Schedule 11 (Pensions), after paragraph 11 there is inserted—


“11A  (1)  

This paragraph applies if an insolvency event occurs in relation to the


employer or former employer of a protected person.



Where this paragraph applies the Secretary of State shall become


liable to discharge any liabilities in respect of relevant pension rights,


to the extent that they are not discharged by the trustees of a new


scheme in which the employer was a participating employer.



For the purposes of this paragraph—



“insolvency event” has the meaning set out in section 121 of


the Pensions Act 2004;



“relevant pension rights” means the relevant pension rights


referred to in paragraph 6(3) above.



The duty referred to in paragraph 11A also applies if an insolvency


event has occurred in relation to the employer or former employer of


a protected person on or after 1 October 1994.”.’.



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