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Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 5 February 2013        



Crime and Courts Bill [Lords] continued


Jenny Chapman


Mr David Hanson


Stella Creasy


Phil Wilson


Not called  98


Schedule  16,  page  280,  line  26,  at end insert—



Any money that is received by a prosecutor under a term of a DPA that


required for P to disgorge profits from the alleged offence is to be distributed


according to the Home Office’s Asset Recovery Incentive Scheme.’.


Schedule Agreed to.


Clause 33 Agreed to.



Jenny Chapman


Mr David Hanson


Phil Wilson


Stella Creasy


Negatived on division  83


Clause  34,  page  33,  line  42,  at end insert—



After section 50(2)(c) (Procedure) of the 2006 Act insert—



In respect of any application or claim in connection with immigration


(whether or not under the rules referred to in subsection (1) or any other


enactment) the Secretary of State may make provision for the


communication of an immigration officer with the applicant before a


decision is taken in respect of that application or claim.



Provisions under (2A) may include communication with the individual


so as to obtain additional information relevant to their application or





Before the coming into force of this section, the Secretary of State must make


provision for communication between an immigration officer and the applicant


for the purposes of obtaining further necessary information not included in the


original application, as provided for under sections 50(2A) and (2B) of the 2006




Clause Agreed to on division.


Clause 35 Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Thursday at 11.30 am

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