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Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 12 February 2013        



Crime and Courts Bill [Lords] continued


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  115


Clause  42,  page  43,  line  27,  after ‘Sections’, insert ‘[Civil recovery of the proceeds


etc of unlawful conduct] (except subsection (6)(a)),’.


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  116


Clause  42,  page  43,  line  27,  after ‘section’, insert ‘and Part 2 of Schedule


[Proceeds of crime: civil recovery of the proceeds etc of unlawful conduct]’.


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  118


Clause  42,  page  44,  line  13,  leave out ‘or 35’ and insert ‘, 35 or [Deportation on


national security grounds: appeals]’.


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  117


Clause  42,  page  44,  line  24,  at end insert—


‘( )    

The power conferred by section 52(2) of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act


1982 (power to extend to Channel Islands, Isle of Man and British overseas


territories) is exercisable in relation to any amendment of that Act that is made by


or under this Act.’.


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  71


Clause  42,  page  44,  line  25,  leave out subsection (17).



Mr Robert Buckland


Mr David Burrowes


Paul Goggins


Not called  72


Title,  line  6,  after ‘driving’, insert ‘to amend the law relating to children and young




Bill, as amended, to be reported.


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