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Thursday 31 January 2013


Public Bill Committee Proceedings


Crime and Courts Bill [Lords]


[Seventh and Eighth SIttings]


Clause 18 Agreed to.


Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  69


Schedule  13,  page  219,  line  12,  at end insert—



In section 27 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 (selection for appointment


to Supreme Court to be on merit etc) after subsection (5) insert—



Where two persons are of equal merit—



section 159 of the Equality Act 2010 (positive action:


recruitment etc) does not apply in relation to choosing


between them, but



Part 5 of that Act (public appointments etc) does not


prevent the commission from preferring one of them over


the other for the purpose of increasing diversity within the


group of persons who are the judges of the Court.”’.


Jenny Chapman


Mr David Hanson


Stella Creasy


Phil Wilson


Kate Green


Not called  77


Schedule  13,  page  219,  line  31,  at end insert—



Each of the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice of England shall lay


before Parliament a report annually, describing—



their performance of the duty in this section;



the contribution made towards a more diverse judiciary in the


preceding year; and



the composition of the judiciary, including the number of part-time


and full-time judges, gender, educational background and other


relevant demographic data.’.


Public Bill Committee Proceedings: 31 January 2013        



Crime and Courts Bill-[ [], continued


Jenny Chapman


Mr David Hanson


Stella Creasy


Phil Wilson


Withdrawn  78


Schedule  13,  page  220,  line  22,  at end insert—


‘Judicial appointments



After section 65 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 insert—



Additional guidance


The Lord Chancellor, after consultation with the Lord Chief Justice,


the Treasury Solicitor and the Chairman of the Judicial Appointments


Commission, shall issue guidance as to the circumstances in which


those employed by the Government Legal Service, the Crown


Prosecution Service or any other government legal office may apply


for any of the judicial office or tribunal posts, which are in the remit


of the Judicial Appointments Commission.”.’.


Schedule, as amended, Agreed to.


Clause 19 Agreed to.


Schedule 14 Agreed to.


Clauses 20 to 22 Agreed to.


Clause 23 Agreed to on division.


Clause 24 Agreed to.


Clause 25 Agreed to.


Clause 26 disagreed to on division.


Clause 27 Agreed to.



Mr Jeremy Browne


Agreed to  70


Clause  28,  page  30,  line  18,  leave out from ‘In’ to end of line 20 and insert ‘the case


of any particular proceedings of a court or tribunal, the court or tribunal may in the


interests of justice or in order to ensure that a person is not unduly prejudiced—’.


Clause, as amended, Agreed to.


Clause 29 Agreed to.


[Adjourned until Tuesday 5 February at 8.55 am


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