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Tuesday 26 February 2013


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Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill Committee 46-60


Public Bill Committee


Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill


Mr Rob Wilson




Schedule  4,  page  26,  line  14,  leave out sub-paragraph (2).


Mr Rob Wilson




Schedule  4,  page  26,  line  21,  leave out sub-paragraph (3).


The Human Rights Act 1998


Mr Rob Wilson




To move the following Clause:—


‘In section 13 of the Human Rights Act 1998 insert—



No duty to solemnize the marriage of a same sex couple according to the


rites of the Church of England shall be created by virtue of this Act or the


schedules thereto.”.’.


Mr David Burrowes


Jim Shannon




Clause  11,  page  10,  line  41,  leave out subsections (1) and (2).


Mr David Burrowes


Jim Shannon




Clause  15,  page  12,  line  11,  leave out subsections (2) and (3) and insert—


Notices of Amendments: 26 February 2013                  



Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, continued



The following subordinate legislation may not be made unless a draft of the


statutory instrument containing the legislation has been laid before, and approved


by resolution of, each House of Parliament—



an order under section 8;



an order under section 14(1) or (2);



an order under paragraph 1 or 2 of Schedule 2;



an order under section 11(5)(c);



an order under paragraph 2 of Schedule 2;



an order under paragraph 24 of Schedule 4.



Before the Secretary of State makes an order under subsection (2) he must consult


such other persons as appear to him to be likely to be affected by his proposals.



If, following consultation under the provisions in subsection (2A), the Secretary


of State proposes to make an order under subsection (2) he must lay before each


House of Parliament a document which—



explains his proposals;



sets them out in the form of a draft order; and



gives details of consultation under subsection (2A).



Where a document relating to proposals is laid before Parliament under


subsection (2B), no draft of an order under subsection (2) to give effect to the


proposals (with or without modifications) is to be laid before Parliament until


after the expiry of the period of 60 days beginning with the day on which the


document was laid.



In calculating the period mentioned in subsection (2C) no account is to be taken


of any time during which—



Parliament is dissolved or prorogued; or



either House is adjourned for more than four days.



In preparing a draft order under subsection (2) the Secretary of State must


consider any representations made during the period mentioned in subsection





A draft order under subsection (2) which is laid before Parliament must be


accompanied by a statement of the Secretary of State giving details of—



any representations considered in accordance with subsection (2E); and



any changes made to the proposals contained in the document laid before


Parliament under subsection (2B).’.


Mr David Burrowes


Jim Shannon




Schedule  2,  page  21,  line  29,  leave out paragraph 2.


Mr David Burrowes


Jim Shannon




Schedule  4,  page  26,  line  9,  leave out paragraphs 3 and 4.


Chris Bryant




Schedule  1,  page  18,  line  7,  leave out from beginning to end of line 12.



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