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Wednesday 6 March 2013


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Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill, As Amended


Sir Nick Harvey




Page  5,  line  33  [Clause  6],  at end insert—



‘ “Biomass” means fuel used in a generating station where—



at least 90 per cent of its energy content is derived from relevant material


(that is to say, material which is, or is derived directly or indirectly from,


plant matter, animal matter, funghi or algae), and



if fossil fuel forms part of it—



the fossil fuel is present following a process—



to which the relevant material has been subject, and



the undertaking of which has caused the fossil fuel to be


present in, on or with that material even though that was


not the object of the process; or



it is waste and the fossil fuel forming part of it was not added to


it with a view to its being used as a fuel.



“Qualifying combined heat and power generating station”means a


combined heat and power generating station which has been accredited


under the CHPQA.’


Sir Nick Harvey




Page  8,  line  30  [Clause  10],  at end insert—



A direction may not be given under this section to a fossil fuel or renewable


energy plant with a rated capacity of 15MW or greater that use any biomass


unless they are—



a qualifying combined head and power generating station; or



an operational carbon capture and storage plant.’.



Notices of Amendments: 6 March 2013                     



Energy Bill, continued




The following Notices were withdrawn on: 6 March 2013


Amendments 30 and 31.



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