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Thursday 11 April 2013


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Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill, As Amended


Energy contract rollovers for small businesses


Martin Horwood


Joan Walley


Caroline Lucas


Mr Mike Weir




To move the following Clause:—


‘Schedule [The Expert Panel] has effect.’.


Martin Horwood


Joan Walley


Caroline Lucas


Mr Mike Weir




To move the following Schedule:—


‘The Expert Panel



Regulations shall establish a panel of experts (in this Act referred to as “the


Expert Panel”) in accordance with paragraphs (2) to (6) below.


Duty to consult


2    (1)  

Regulations made by virtue of paragraph 1 shall provide that before—



any contracts for differences are entered into under Part 1; or



any investment contracts are entered into under Schedule 3



the Secretary of State shall seek advice from, and the opinion of, the Expert


Panel in relation to the matters specified in sub-paragraph (2) below.



The matters in relation to which advice and opinion is to be sought from the


Expert Panel are—


Notices of Amendments: 11 April 2013                  



Energy Bill, continued



any advice provided to the Secretary of State by the national system





the financial and other terms on which it is proposed a contract for


difference or an investment contract be entered into;



whether the agreed strike price (or equivalent) and the term of the


contract represents value for money for consumers; and



whether, in all the circumstances, it is appropriate for the CFD


Counterparty to enter into the relevant contract.



Where the Secretary of State proposes to disregard in whole or in part any of


the advice or opinion provided by the Expert Panel, he shall be under a duty to


ensure the Expert Panel is provided with his reasons for disregarding or


disagreeing with the advice or opinion and place a copy of the reasoning in the


Library of the House.



Regulations made by virtue of paragraph 1 shall also—



provide that it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State and the national


system operator to provide the Expert Panel with all such information as it may





require the Expert Panel to provide the Authority and Parliament with details


of any advice and opinion provided under this Part;



require the Expert Panel to publish minutes of its meetings; and



permit the Expert Panel to publish such information as the Expert Panel thinks


fit about the advice it gives.


Membership etc. of the Expert Panel



The members of the Expert Panel shall be appointed by the Secretary of State


and shall comprise a Chairman, a consumer representative, a representative of


the Committee on Climate Change, a representative of the Authority and such


other members as the Secretary of State may decide.


5    (1)  

In appointing persons to be members of the Expert Panel, the Secretary of State


must secure, so far as practicable, that the Expert Panel—



is independent; and



is comprised of technical, academic, economic, legal and such other


experts necessary to give the informed advice required.



The Expert Panel must not include any person who is—



employed by an eligible generator, or who has been employed by an


eligible generator in the previous 12 months;



employed by an electricity supplier, or who has been employed by an


electricity supplier in the previous 12 months; or



employed by the national system operator.



The Chairman and every member of the Expert Panel—



shall be appointed for a fixed period, specified in the terms of their


appointment, but shall be eligible for reappointment at the end of that





shall not serve on the Expert Panel for longer than eight years in total;



may at any time be removed by a notice from the Expert Panel to the


Secretary of State following a majority vote.


Committees and other procedures of the Expert Panel



The Expert Panel may make such arrangements as they think fit—



for committees established by the Expert Panel to give advice to it


about carrying out the Expert Panel’s functions, providing such


Notices of Amendments: 11 April 2013                  



Energy Bill, continued


committees only include persons who are members of the Expert





for regulating its own procedure and for regulating the procedure of


committees established by them, including timescales of giving


advice, as it sees fit;



as to quorums and the making of decisions by majority.’.



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