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Wednesday 17 April 2013


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Consideration of Bill


Energy Bill, As Amended


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  13,  line  6  [Clause  21],  at end insert ‘capacity may be secured by capacity


auctions or by the establishment of a strategic reserve or by other means’.


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  14,  line  16  [Clause  22],  at end insert—



conferring on the Secretary of State the power by regulation to introduce


a system of strategic reserve of supply; and



conferring on The Secretary of State by regulation the power to designate


a nominated person to hold and manage the Strategic Reserve on his


behalf (“the Strategic Reserve Operator”).’.


Dr Alan Whitehead




Page  14,  line  20  [Clause  22],  at end add—





A person is eligible to be designated as the Strategic Reserve Operator if


the person is—



a company formal and registered under the Companies Act 2006;





a public authority, including any person whose functions are of a


public nature.



The Strategic Reserve Operator must contract with the System Operator


for the circumstances under which the Strategic Reserve Operator


supplies power to the System Operator.



The Secretary of State must approve the drawing up of any contract


between the System Operator and the Strategic Reserve Operator and


may from time to time vary the terms of the contract should


circumstances require.



The Secretary of State must lay before Parliament a reasoned case for any


change of content under subsection (5).


Notices of Amendments: 17 April 2013                  



Energy Bill, continued



Strategic Reserve regulations may make provision for payments to be


made by electricity suppliers or capacity providers to a settlement body


for the purposes of enabling the body—



to meet such descriptions of its costs that the Secretary of State


considers appropriate;



to hold sums in reserve;



to make payments to the Strategic Reserve Operator for the


purpose of securing and operating Strategic Reserve capacity.’.



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