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Thursday 7 March 2013


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Consideration of Bill


Crime and Courts Bill [Lords], As Amended


Court arrangements for very vulnerable witnesses


Nicola Blackwood


Ann Coffey


Mr Robert Buckland


Kris Hopkins


Steve Baker


Jane Ellison


Total signatories: 9


Mr Richard Bacon


Charlie Elphicke


Dr Julian Huppert




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State must make arrangements for specialist courts for very


vulnerable witnesses.



A specialist court for very vulnerable witnesses will consist of a partnership


programme within the criminal court structure.



In establishing the specialist court, the Secretary of State must involve the


following partners—



the judiciary;



court officials;



the Crown Prosecution Service;



police forces;



witness support services;



victim support services; and



any other speciailist services that the Secretary of State deems





In cases where there is a very vulnerable witness—



no judge can sit on the case unless he has taken part in appropriate


training provided by the Judicial College;


Notices of Amendments: 7 March 2013                     



Crime and Courts Bill-[Lords], continued



a single court usher, who has taken part in appropriate training provided


by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, must be assigned to the


witness throughout their time at court;



the case will be assigned to a court with all necessary facilities to offer


the full range of special measures set out in sections (23) to (30) of the


Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999;



before allocating time for trials the court must take into account the


impact of delays on very vulnerable witnesses; and



the services of independent sexual violence advisors must be offered to


very vulnerable witnesses.



The Secretary of State must issue a code of practice giving guidance about court


arrangements for very vulnerable witnesses, which must be published, and may


be revised from time to time.



Before issuing or revising a code under subsection (3), the Secretary of State must


lay a copy before each House of Parliament for approval within a 40 day period.



For the purposes of this section—


“very vulnerable witness” includes the victim in a case of child sexual




“independent sexual violence advisers” are victims-focused advocates who


work with victims of recent and historic serious sexual crimes to enable


them to access the services they need in the aftermath of the abuse they


have experienced.’.


Provision of intermediaries for very vulnerable witnesses


Ann Coffey


Nicola Blackwood




To move the following Clause:—



The Secretary of State must provide for intermediaries to be assigned to very


vulnerable witnesses in all court cases.



In the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999, after section 29 there is





Intermediaries for very vulnerable witnesses



A special measures direction must be made to provide for any


examination of a very vulnerable witness (however and wherever


conducted to be conducted through an interpreter or other person


approved by the court for the purposes of this section (“an





In addition to the functions set out in subsection 29(2), an intermediary


must be assigned to very a vulnerable witness through their whole


experience before, during and after court.



For the purposes of this section, “very vulnerable witness” has the same


meaning as defined in section [Court arrangements for very vulnerable


witnesses] (5) of the Crime and Courts Act 2013.”.’.


Notices of Amendments: 7 March 2013                     



Crime and Courts Bill-[Lords], continued


John McDonnell




Page  11,  line  1,  leave out Clause 13.


John McDonnell




Page  21,  line  25  [Clause  24],  leave out subsection (2).


Jenny Chapman


David Hanson


Stella Creasy




Page  278,  line  13  [Schedule  15],  at end add—


‘Part 9


Reorganisation of the National Probation Service



The Offender Management Act 2007 is amended as follows.



After section 15 insert—



Power to reorganise the National Probation Service



Any plans to reorganise the Probation Service for England and


Wales must be instituted by regulations.



Regulations under subsection (1) shall be subject to the affirmative


resolution procedure of each House of Parliament.”.’.



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